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Fiction-Science Fiction/Adventure
Whimsical Publications,
LLC/paperback, pages, TBD
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ISBN-10: 0-9787738-3-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-3-0

Book Three in the Journey of Twins Series
Ever since the day Ruben escaped with his young nephew, Drayco
had been searching for them, to the point that his own family suffered
because of it. When he finally found the missing pair, Joey was a
young man. He tried to bring the teen home to his family, but
unforeseen circumstances drove Joey away.

Unbeknown to Drayco, his wife and twin sister decided they could wait
no longer for his return. They leave Joseph home sick with the kids and
depart toward the west, toward Drayco’s last known location.
Obstacles aplenty make their cross-country journey a living nightmare,
but they eventually reach their goal and find Drayco.

The women convince him to come home for a short rest Unfortunately,
a member of the party became badly injured during the return trip. Will
Joey be able to meet his mother one last time? Or will Drayco’s
children lose one of their parents forever to the vengeance of another?
Only time, and a miracle, will tell.