If you look close, you can see the first edition book of After
near the middle of the table.
(two books to the left of the center green one)
AuthorsBookshop.com took all these wonderful books to an
event in the Maryland area.
The cover for
Innocence Taken
before Whimsical
Publications, LLC  took it on.
Notice something? In this picture, my book is
missing. Did it sell?
My son's first driving
experience...via the tow truck driver
and my mom. Thankfully, he saved
the birdhouse.
Page 2
Ideas for a cover can come from
anywhere...even in my garage.
Notice the red hourglass?
How the space shuttle looks
when it's reaching for the stars.
Within minutes, the space shuttle is
already out of sight. That would be
an awesome ride!
Then we have the newest member
to the rat pack...Niki.
Be forewarned, leave no shoe (or
sock) unattended unless you want
tiny holes in them.
I've started calling these two Mutt
and Jeff, or Ying and Yang,
whichever fits at the time.
Now you understand why I call them
Ying and Yang.
Don't let this innocent face fool
you. Beneath that cute little body
lies the heart of a brat. lol