More pictures to come, keep
checking back.
This is my Drizzle. (Her
real name is Cookie.)
She's likes to help
guard the computer....
....even while trying to nap.
Sugar is the oldest
member of the four-legged
family. It shows; the gray is
creeping in.   : )
Sunny loves to run all around
the house playing ball (even if
it involves running over the
cats to do it).
Without my son, After would still
be an idea instead of a reality
Cookie hanging out in what we
fondly call her penthouse basket.
Plus a
couple more
ideas I
played with.
The cover that almost was.
Thanks Karla for the fantastic
Me and 'Drizzle', aka Cookie,
snuggling. I'm not sure if she's
very happy about it.  
The place where all the stories begin.
My office

I try to keep it neat, but, between the cat and myself...
(Notice she's laying on the printer)
Click on the pictures to get a larger view of the
beautiful sunset and full moon in Florida.
Page 1
The window display for my book signing. Hard to
believe my display moved the J.K. Rowling one over
one window.

Way cool!