This book contains graphic sexual content, adult
language and violence.

Intended for a mature audience.
Innocence Taken
Whimsical Publications,
LLC/paperback, 228 pages
February 2007
ISBN-10: 0-9787738-0-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9787738-0-9

A Nature Kranderson Novel

Comment/review  = Just wanted to let you know that the dust bunnies, laundry, and the
kids' dinner will just have to wait...and it's all your fault. Innocence Taken is just too
gripping to put down!!! Bravo!

–Diane, author of "His Black Dahlia", featured in Horrotica, Issue 2

Comment/review = Innocence Taken is one of the most compelling books I have ever
read. This book grabbed me from the first page to the last; I couldn't put it down. An
exciting, thrilling and at the same time horrifying ride through the mind of a clairvoyant
and the madman that she is connecting to.


Comment/review = Innocence Taken...GREAT! Looking forward to reading it.  Good luck.


Comment/review = Innocence Taken is very graphic and detailed, and so might not be
suitable for every reader. It is a fascinating suspenseful novel though, and the
characterization of Nature, the psychic protagonist, is well done and intriguing. The
secondary characters are delineated well also. Many readers will be drawn to this story,
despite the detailed violence of the murders. Janet Durbin will be an author to watch.

–Frost, reviewer from

Comment/review = If you want a terrifying ride into the mind and acts of a
psychotic and the person that has to track him through a physic
connection, this is the book. A frighting, engrossing page turner.


Comment/review = First, Readers should be forewarned that this book contains a  
considerable amount of graphic sexual violence. Innocence Taken is a seriously chilling
tale following the chase for a sadistic killer that involves a lot of emotions, a great deal of
suspense, and a heavy dose of horror. Ms. Durbin has created two compelling leading
characters. Nature's ability to deal with so much overwhelming emotional bombardment,
and her continued dedication to helping others despite the tax her "gift" takes on her,
proves her to be a remarkably strong and courageous heroine. In addition, Web's gruff
demeanor and protectiveness toward Nature easily endear him as a hero. In fact, Nature
and Web make for an appealing couple and their budding romance acts as a shining
light in this often dark thriller.

–Jen H, reviewer from

Comment/review = I purchased all the books Janet has written so far. I found all of them
excellent reading.
Innocence Taken has been the best by far of all of them, can't wait for
her next novel to come out.

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