About the Author
No truer words...
Having fun and enjoying every minute
of life!
I have always been creative. My imagination gave me the ability to see all sorts of things in different ways.
Needless to say, it kept life interesting. Some of my early works included drawing the head of George
Washington using only dots from a fine point marker, taking a picture of a lady from a magazine and
recreating it using different colored squares, creating my cartoon characters, Mousey and Doggie, and
putting them through all kinds of adventures, 3-D art using florescent colors on a black background (it
looked really cool under a black light), drawing with charcoal and pencil, and, of course, painting.

I painted a mirror silhouette of a rearing antelope with wings in black on a white canvas. Next was a dark
Pegasus in front of a planet. I’ve taken family pictures and drew them using only pencil. Later on, I picked up
a computer mouse and started melding pictures together to form cover art. Some of what I’ve created is
under the Portfolio section of this website. Alas, some of my earlier works were lost through all the moving
we did as a family. My dad was career army, so I got to see a ton of places people only dream about. My
imagination was in heaven.

My journey to becoming a writer began in the oddest sort of way. It began with my son.

In 2002, he thought he wanted to be a writer, so he started to write. About 40 pages into a story, he would
stall. To encourage him, I started a story that was brewing in my head. It blossomed into many pages. Those
pages became many more, and, ta-dah, the novel.

I tried a lot of things as I grew into adulthood. I worked security for a department store and for a community
college, and even graduated from the police academy in 1982. While attending, I met my husband, who was
in the army...go figure. A move to Germany ended the police thing. That turned out to be okay, nursing was
calling me.

When I returned to the states three years later, I had my lovely son with me, my husband, my three step
children and a cat. Although I hoped to stay married forever, like in a fairy tale, it was not to happen. My
husband and I divorced after seven years of marriage and I moved to Florida, taking with me my son and
the cat.

I continued to enjoy the works of several authors, authors like Anne McCaffrey, Dean Koontz, Terry Brooks,
J.A. Jance, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and lots more. Through their stories I explored even more endless
possibilities and worlds. And they helped me grow as a writer. Trips to the Smithsonian when I visited my
family and seeing the beauty in the world surrounding me kept my art going.

After over 20 years of working as a nurse, I have finally come full circle in life, returning to my creativity full
time. Now I have the ability to let the imagination expand in new directions, to create artwork of all sorts and
styles to my heart’s content. My family has given me positive encouragement and support throughout the
years, for which I will be forever grateful. Most particularly, my mom. Love ya, Mom!
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