Pictures of the 2008 Walk to Cure Diabetes Event
The bounce houses where the kids had a
The tent to turn in the donations and register for
the walk. Notice the police car in the background.
Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Don't forget to loosen up before you walk. I didn't see the
guys having as much fun getting ready as this group. Way to
go, ladies!
The singing of the National Anthem before we
made our way to the starting point for the walk.
The colorful starting point where we took over the
beach...for a little while.
See, I told you we took over the Somewhere around 2000
people came to help find a cure.
I did too, along with my trusty sidekick, Lucy,
carrying my sorta heavy tote filled with all
kinds of first aid supplies, just in case.
(That's what happens when you don't plan
ahead.) lol
The halfway point came up really fast. It's amazing how quick the miles flew by
when walking with good company. (See, I wasn't the only one wearing jeans.)
At the end, these wonderful homemade signs drawn by
kids with Type 1 diabetes greeted the returning walkers.
Great job, kids.
The final stop to replace all those calories I burned off while walking. But, oh how
sweet it was. Thanks Crispers for the great food.